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A step-by-step program (from luxury wedding photographer KT Merry) to help you build a profitable, sustainable, six-figure photography business.

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“KT helped take my photography and business goals to places I would have only dreamed to dream.”

- Sally Pinera

Just named top wedding photographer by Harpers Bazaar!

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Booking your ideal clients in your dream destinations at a price point that allows you to serve them the way that makes you proud. 

Increasing your average booking per client (Our students report an over 250% increase!).

Having ultimate confidence in your work allowing you to perform at your optimal level each and every time.

Gaining clarity over where you are going with your business with the tools to build the life you’ve imagined.

Feeling secure in your new plan to get there (Hi, this is where I come in!). 

Opening yourself up to the truly *limitless* potential you're capable of achieving.



“The Abundance Plan is basically a badass foundation for business, life, and world-saving domination. It made me dig deep and examine the ‘why’ behind everything I do. 

Because, why be a small business owner if not to have a better life and make life better for others?”

— Jesse Fernandez, Jaye Avery Photography


Start building a profitable + inspiring portfolio that magnetizes your ideal clients, like Sarah… 

“The Abundance Plan gave me the tools I needed to identify my niche and feel confident about my pricing. Now, my branding and my portfolio are better aligned to attract my ideal clients. 

– Sarah Carpenter


“The Abundance Plan was the perfect balance of reflection, implementation and challenge. I plan to revisit the course during my downtime every winter to maintain a sense of rhythm, discipline, and focus!”

– Claire Forrest, Imageclairity


I'm KT MerrY.

a globally renowned wedding and editorial photographer named among top wedding photographers by Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, and featured in VOGUE and PEople magazine.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 14 years of experience at the top tier of the wedding industry, working with the best vendors and publications in the world…  and poured that knowledge into this one-of-a-kind program for ambitious photographers who want to build an alluring, exclusive brand that’s equal parts attainable and sustainable.

Ready to up your average booking per client? 

Want to have clarity about where you are going with your business—and the tools to build the life you’ve imagined?


Today, I know exactly where I want to be in a year, and which steps I can take to move in that direction. In fact, I accomplished more in weeks than I have in previous years!

“Life-changing! Before joining The Abundance Plan, I lacked a clear vision of where I wanted to go and had no idea where to start.

I cannot thank KT enough for her guidance, advice, and direction.” 

—Nikki McLeay Photography

Stop guessing, start implementing.


Getting crystal clear on your vision for your business

Building your unique roadmap to get to the next level

Feeling confident about your numbers (because you finally understand them!)

Charging what your work is worth without cringing ever again

Making your business a powerful force for good — because you can

Building a more resilient business that can handle any storm, economy or pandemic (fingers crossed this is the last one for a while)

Attracting more of your ideal clients and signed contracts in the process!

Booking shoots with the types of planners and venues that help you create an inspiring portfolio your customers will be drooling over

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"I just wanted to tell you that after taking your course and then taking MANY courses after yours, yours has by FAR been the best one. It was worth every cent and was so helpful."

Thank you for creating this course and for all your information and knowledge. I'm glad I can rewatch/re-listen to these again and again."

- Courtney

the best investment you'll make...

“So happy I listened to that YES within because The Abundance Plan is actually far more valuable than I had imagined.”


Just named top wedding photographer by Harpers Bazaar!

I signed up for the Abundance Plan even though it didn’t seem like the right time from a financial prospective... but my heart said YES and I could tell that KT had put in the effort to make this course incredible. So happy I listened to that YES within because The Abundance Plan is actually far more valuable than I had imagined. This course has inspired me to try new approaches and rethink what I already thought I knew. Looked over my notes, and by page 12 I was singing praises because I was already inspired and experiencing breakthrough AHA moments. The work that KT and Chad have put into The Abundance Plan is unreal and so inspiring. The value is beyond what they charge for this course and it’s so worth it!

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