There's no other educational program for film and hybrid photographers that melds artistry, financials, and marketing so you can raise your rates and uplevel your business like The Abundance Plan.

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“Finally, education that focuses on just that—education!”

_ Radostina Boseva

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 “For two years now, I've been attending workshops and classes - both online and offline - investing in mentoring sessions and even traveling to Europe for all of the above. I invested SO much in education and still didn’t have a clear vision and plan for my business. I've just finished the BONUS of the Abundance plan, not even the full plan, and I've already learned more than in the last two whole years. It's everything I was looking for!  Finally education that focuses on just that — education! I love the Abundance Plan. LOVE IT!!!”

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“I went from having literally no direction on which path to take when considering taking my business to the next level to having a specific path lined out for how to get me exactly where I want to be.”

_ Jaimee Morse

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I'm KT Merry, and I can't wait to serve you.

And, sure, those names are big and still give me goosebumps—but I know you can get there, too. I’ve seen trends come and go, technology change, and the birth of social media (YIKES!)—each making their mark on our beloved niche.

I've had 13 years (yep, THIRTEEN!) of experience at the top tier of the wedding industry, working with the best vendors and publications in the world.  You could say I've learned a thing or two (million) along the way... but one thing has remained the same for me: staying true to my vision. 

Here’s the deal: as creative entrepreneurs who take big risks to pave a unique path with the work we’re best at, we should all have blossoming photography businesses that allow us to have the success AND the freedom that we desire. 

It’s not about making a choice between one or the other—I’m here to tell you that you absolutely don’t have to choose. You can create abundance from your home office. 

a globally renowned wedding and editorial photographer named among top wedding photographers by Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, and PDN Magazine.

“KT helped take my photography and business goals to places I would have only dreamed to dream.”

_ Sally Pinera

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